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LongIslandPersonals.com was created for Long Islanders, by Long Islanders.

At Long Island Personals, you will enjoy the following features free of charge:

  • Browse and search for thousands of LOCAL members who may be interested in meeting you. No longer do you have to deal with frustrating searches on other sites that give you irrelevant search results from Connecticut, New Jersey, upstate New York and even the other side of the country! All our members are LOCAL to Long Island. Isn’t that what you are really looking for?
  • One Click Search – Unlike some other sites you do not have to fill out a long complicated form to browse through the other members. With LIP you can save time and get down to business. Just click a link!
  • FLIRT – Our flirt feature gives you a simple 1-click way to “break the ice” with someone you are interested in. There are dozens of pre-written “Flirts” available for you to choose from. We know it is not always easy to think of something clever for an opening line, and “Flirts” will help you achieve that goal! They are great conversation starters.
  • Message Receipts – One of the most common complaints we have heard about other personals sites is that it seems like your messages sometimes fall into a black hole and you have no way of knowing whether or not you message was read or deleted. We have solved this problem by offering message receipts. On LIP, if a message is read or deleted WITHOUT being read, you will be sent a message to confirm this action. In addition, you can view all your sent messages “at a glance” to see if your messages have been read or deleted. You no longer have to wonder about the delivery status of your messages.
  • New message notifications – When someone sends you a message, LIP will automatically email you a notification.
  • Member Ratings – If you see someone you are would like to get to know, another easy way to “break the ice” is to rate their profile. Doing so will send them a message that shows your level of interest. Of course, if you are not interested in being rated by other members you can disable this feature for your profile.
  • Top-Notch Customer Service – Long Island Personals has been bringing people together since July of 2002, and we pride ourselves on fast, courteous and accurate customer service. Did you forget your password? No problem. Are you having trouble logging in? No problem. Need a picture to be resized? Still not a problem. We are here to help! Talk to us anytime at support@longislandpersonals.com.
  • No pop-ups or spam email! – Our site has always been POP-UP and SPAM free. Just like you, we despise pop-ups. All they do is slow your computer down and make for a frustrating user experience. No, thank you…
  • We respect your privacy. You can sign up to receive mailings from us and our affiliates, and you may opt-out at any time.
  • Pictures With Captions – You can upload as many as ten pictures to your LIP profile. In addition, you can add captions to each picture.
  • Hidden Pictures – If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the attention you are getting and feel the need to go into “discreet mode”, you can hide your pictures from other members with a single click. When you want to be seen again, all it takes is one more click. This is much easier than deleting your pictures and re-uploading them again!
  • Personalized Profile Backgrounds – You can choose from dozens of profile backgrounds, such as team logos, fashion, rock stars, athletes, etc. You can change your profile background at anytime based on your current mood and personality!
So register today and tell your friends about us! Our success is your success... a personals site is only as good as it's members. The more people who register, the greater your chances of finding the right match for you!

If you are offering a website or service that you think would be of interest to our membership base, please contact us, regarding advertising and partnership opportunities.

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